The harvest use to start at early October. The harvest will be selective in terms of vineyards, carefully selecting and separating the quality of the grapes for the different types of wines we make.

The clusters are picked by hand in 15 Kilo tubs to ensure no berries are broken and to prevent undesirable oxidation and premature fermentation.

The grapes arrive at the crush pad in a very brief period of time, as all our vineyards are a short distance from the winery (less than 15 kilometres away). The tubs of grapes are unloaded one by one and the operators select the grapes on a vibrating sorting table, where the lesser quality clusters are discarded. Any berries that break off fall through the grid holes of the sorting table and do not reach the end of the conveyor. 

When the quality grapes reach the end of the sorting table, they are put through a small destemmer that removes the cluster stems, that only bring bitter aromas and flavours. The exclusive gravity-fed filling system of our own design, ensures the berries reach the fermenters whole, without breaking or releasing any must. It provides an extremely delicate handling of the grapes, which prevents must spills and unnecessary oxidation. With this process we achieve carbonic maceration in stem-free conditions, bringing together the advantages of destemming with those of carbonic maceration, so that fermentation takes place within the berries.