Aging and traditional racking
Aging and traditional racking

Aging and traditional racking

The phase of Crianza is a vital step to achieve the identity and quality of the wine.

Bodegas Hermanos Peciña has 3 buildings provided with 4,500 American medium toasted oak barrels.

Our wines are characterized by his long aging time, both in cask and in bottle, exceeding considerably the minimums demanded by RIOJA DOCa Wine Board.
In order to age for longer and ensure that the wine does not have an excessively woody taste, in the line of “Señorio de P.Peciña”, we always use barrels that have previously contained wine. Together with this, continual sampling of the coupage leads to our round-bodied, velvety, mild and long-paleted wines.

Once the process of aging in barrels is finished, the wine is bottled to stay at least a year and a half in our warehouse before releasing to market. There the wine polishes all the aggressive nuances that it has when leaving the barrel, thus obtaining a "round" product with a long life expectancy in the bottle, improving with time if it is kept in optimal conditions of temperature and humidity darkness.


Racking by gravitity and decanting

One of the principal characteristic that distinguishes the elaboration of our wines is the “trasiego” or racking. system, a system almost in desuse and been our bodega one of only a few bodegas that still do the traditional “trasiego” method by hand.

Every 6 months the wine is manually racked by means of the traditional system using gravity and decanting from barrel to barrel, without agitation or pumping, thus separating the clarified wine from the lees and respecting the wine´s character to the full.

This method allows for the wine´s dregs to be naturally cleaned, to individually sample the barrels, to obtain a selection of the wines and increase the ageing capacity of the wine through the oxygenation produced when the wine is racked from barrel to barrel.

This process is expensive and needs more time than the machining system, but again, we believe that nothing is enough for the result we seek, a natural wine with the highest quality.