The vines
The vines
The vines

The vines

Bodegas Hermanos Peciña currently grows 50 Ha of own vineyards in San Vicente de la Sonsierra and surrounding area.

The predominant grape almost in its totality is the Tempranillo, though we have some vineyards with red Garnacha and white Viura. In addition, in the oldest vineyards some Graciano and Garnacha plants are interspersed among The tempranillo grapes.

The vineyards are located on the northeast side of the Ebro river, near the border of the Basque Alavesa zone. These vineyards fall at the foothills of the Sierra Cantabria Mountains at an average of 500 meters, and offer hillside expositions as well as complex and diverse soils.

Our vineyards are distributed in multiple places within 10 km from the bodega, which allows us to carry the grapes quickly, preventing oxidation and possible premature fermentation.

The vineyards are farmed in a natural and sustainable manner. Harvest is done by hand, and the wines are all de-stemmed and then fermented by individual parcel using indigenous yeasts.

Our vineyards are distributed as follows:

Finca Iscorta: It is our oldest vine, about 50 years old, composed by 9 Ha of Tempranillo, 1 Ha of Garnacha and 1 Ha of Viura.
Trained in the traditional bush system with a low production, we can obtain high quality grapes with intense colour and high sugar concentration.
It is at an elevation of 500 meters with an orientation to the North, the plot has a slight slope to obtain a perfect ventilation.

Salinillas trellised in cordon system, situated over 600 meters in the foothills of Toloño mountain, comprises a 5 Ha Tempranillo plot and a 2 Ha Viura plot. It is the westernmost vineyard in Rioja DOCa.
The orientation is north-south, it produces fruits with high acidity ensuring freshness to our wines. 

El Codo: One of our most spectacular vineyard, both in the presence and quality of fruit. About 40 years old vineyard, includes 9 Ha of Tempranillo located on a steep hillside, starting at 485 and ending at 575 meters from its lowest to highest. At the top where there are 3000 Viura grape plants.

This stunning hillside has Northwest-southeast orientation and a very stony boulder ground, which serves to drain the water easily and store it in its depth. Its ability to receive sunlight is traduced in grapes with perfect water stress where the roots need to be much deeper in search of water. 

Trellised in cordon system, with very low yields, the hard work rewards us with a spectacular fruit.

La Liende: 2 Ha of Tempranillo planted in the early 90s situated to 525 meters above sea level. Its floodplains soil provides a great depth of water drainage, forcing the plants to be in a constant water stress looking for deeper water.

La Veguilla: Our youngest vineyard, 4 Ha of Tempranillo in trellis system, situated on the banks of the Ebro river at 475 meters, floodplains soil and north-south orientation.
These grapes are the base for our young wine, with lower sugar concentration, high acidity and fresh and floral aromas.

La Peña: located at 525 meters above sea level, this 4 Ha Tempranillo vineyard was planted in 1996 in a slight slope.
Limestone soil, to maximize the sunshine it is faced from east to west 

La Tejera: 2 Ha of red Garnacha planted in the early 90s situated to 600 meters above sea level. We use this fruit for making coupages in our wines , so characteristic of classic Rioja wines.

Llano: This vineyard is formed by 3 parcels, combining between all 7 Ha of tempranillo with an average age of 40 years, planted in trellis system and northeast-southwest orientation.
With a very poor clay limestone soil, it is a plateau situated on a hill above the river Ebro at 500 meters. We obtain a very small and concentrated fruit, low yields, resulting in a high quality grapes for aging wine.

Valseca: The vineyard consists of two plots of Tempranillo, one of 1 Ha of about 35 years old and another one of 3 Ha of 20 years old. It is located a few meters from our winery, in the center of a small valley in the foothills of Toloño mountain, at an altitude of 550 meters.
It is planted in trellis system in a calcareous clay soil, with north-south orientation, the good wind conditions allow a good aeration of the grapes. From this vineyard we get grapes that will add high tannic level and acidity in the coupage of the wines.